AT&T may launch “All In One” prepaid brand in June

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

New rumors have come out saying that AT&T is getting ready to launch a new prepaid brand called “All In One”. As you might expect with a name like that, the brand would offer all-in-one prepaid plans to consumers on both feature phonesand smartphones. Early rumors are saying that the new brand could launch as soon as June.

According to FierceWirless, the new prepaid service will launch on June 15th using the “All In One” brand. The feature phone plan would offer unlimited talk and text with an undisclosed amount of data for $35. The smartphone plan would be unlimited talk and text with 2GB of HSPA data (no LTE) for $50. It is possible that there could also be a $70 smartphone plan that would offer 5GB of data, but that is unconfirmed. Going over the data limit would not incur extra charges, but would cause your data speeds to be throttled instead. 
The plans are said to be tested in Florida and Texas this month before launching nationwide next month. Sources also have said that all of this info is in flux and could change by the time the service becomes real.

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