Pet peeves can ruin the smartphone honeymoon

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There’s no better person to pick out a phone for your than yourself. If you’re reading this, then you are more than likely someone who does at least a little research on a phone before you buy a new one. By the time you get into a store, you probably know what you’re looking for, what you want, and by the time you walk out you’re happy as a bouncing lamb in a field.

You show your phone off to everyone. Maybe even strangers, because you just can’t help yourself. This is the phone you’ve been waiting for. And why shouldn’t it be? You’ll probably keep this phone for two years. It should be the best phone you’ve ever owned. (At least until the next best phone you’ve ever owned.)

But sometimes the honeymoon wears off. After all, you use that phone every single day, and if you really like it, maybe you can’t put it down! So maybe things start working just a little differently. Maybe there’s a bit of lag here or there. Maybe you realize that the phone’s not the easiest thing to hold after a little bit of time.

Anything is possible after an extended period of time with technology. Sometimes it just stops working the way it did before. Or maybe you find out that there aren’t as many options on your phone that you thought there were. The battery doesn’t last as long as advertised? Weird, right?

I’ve definitely had an issue or two with the devices I’ve used. That’s actually why I go through phones so often: Because it stops working the way I think it should. It can even be little things, too. These are just simple pet peeves, sure, but they can get annoying over time.

Right now, my biggest pet peeves with the HTC One are the changes the company made to the app drawer, and the ridiculous way you can’t turn off BlinkFeed. They’re eating away at my sanity, because it’s been years of using the app drawer in one way, and now I can’d do that. And why does the bottom app shelf duplicate an icon that you move out of it? It’s craziness, I tell you.

Honestly, after holding devices like the One, or even Nokia’s Lumia 920, my biggest pet peeve with the iPhone 5 is that it’s just a straight-backed device. Sure, it’s light and thin, but there’s just no comfortability while holding it. Those two other devices, even with their bigger displays, just seem to fit right into the palm of the hand.




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