Blue HTC One coming?

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Blue HTC One coming?
Earlier this month, a U.K. retailer had displayed a red version of the HTC One. But that was really no surprise since as early as February, HTC had included a red HTC One on its web site. Now, a published report out of the U.K. says that a blue version of the the Taiwan manufacturer’s flagship Android model is on the way.

Both the red and blue versions of the HTC One will be launched together, according to the report, to go along with the current Glacial Silver and Stealth Black that the phone can currently be bought in. No timeframe for the launch of the new colors was revealed. 

U.K. retailer Handtec was taking pre-registrations for the red model in the first week of May. While it did list an after-tax price of 503.99 GBP ($783.40 USD), no shipping date was listed and there was no place to leave credit card information. There was space for those interested to leave an email address so that they could be notified when the red version of the HTC One was available.

A blue version of the HTC is coming

A blue version of the HTC is coming


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