Forget iOS 7, Evasi0n iPhone Untethered Jailbreak Apps Have Tricks Also

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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iPhone 5 fans shouldn’t worry about iOS 7 and rely on it to bring new features. If you have the iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak from Evasi0n, there is plenty of things you can with your iPhone.

iPhone owners are waiting for iOS 7 to be released and they hope that it will bring brand new features along with a better user experience… more so than what Apple previewed back at WWDC. But those who have jailbroken their handset could not care less about iOS 7 thanks to having Cydia apps, tweaks and themes.

The Cydia apps for the iPhone give owners of the handset better looks, quicker access to apps and they improve the overall experience. People who jailbreak their iPhones transform iOS into a very different experience.

Owners are able to go mad installing Cydia apps, but there are 5 apps that most users install and they work very smoothly alongside each other. They all cost, money, but they do cost less than $15 and it makes your iPhone experience so much better. So check out these 5 apps, which are among the best that you can get.

You can get superior multi-tasking with Auxo, this provides owners of the iPhone with a redesign of the iPhone. The small icons have vanished, along with limited options of iOS 6. Auxo replaces these with thumbnails which show the app. This means that owners can jump back to the app they want without having to search through numerous icons.

Auxo is a music player and it is a great deal better. Users can swipe to the side to get fast control of music on their iPod along with any other app that plays music, plus owners have full screen album art which comes with tap and control playback.

Users of the iPhone are able to toggle through some of the most common settings and they are able to control the brightness. The brightness knob is hard to grasp, but it does come in very handy, as do the toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth and flashlight.

Axis is great for those who want to be able to launch apps on their lock screen. iOS6 allows owners to launch the camera just by swiping upwards. With Axis you can customise the lock screen along with getting a new camera app, plus another additional four apps, all of which can be launched directly from the lock screen.

Axis offers numerous icons for a lot of apps and it offers a total new look for Chrome. Users hold the camera icon and just slide left until the app opens, they can then swipe to open that app.

If you have a device that has a pass-code you will have to use it, on apps other than the default camera app.

For a better version of Do Not Disturb you want Luna. Do Not Disturb can be toggled just by pulling down the notification bar, or on the lock screen, however thanks to the Cydia app notifications are taken to the status bar providing you have Do Not Disturb turned on and this means that the notifications are unobtrusive.

Users can set alert noises off, in the default mode on the Do Not Disturb feature the sounds are quiet when the screen is off, but when you are using the handset the device will still make a noise along with vibrating. If you toggle the single setting it will be quiet.

Forecast is a great tweak when it comes to the weather widget and if you get temperatures that vary by 30 degrees over less than one week, this is great for you.

The app gives you the current forecast and you are able to see up to five days ahead if you swipe to the side.

iOS 7 should arrive with it a major overhaul when Apple reveal it. But you don’t have to hang on and wait if you get the WinterBoard theme. Ayecon is among the best Cydia themes for the iPhone 5.

With it you can changes the OS in numerous ways, such as bringing a new lock screen slider and many more small tweaks.


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