What Samsung Galaxy Note III model is coming to your country?

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Samsung Galaxy Note III may not be official yet, but quite a lot of information about it has already surfaced on the web. We’re pretty sure that it will have a 1080p Super AMOLED screen of massive proportions and that Android 4.3 will run on it out of the box. We’re also expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note III on September 4 at a media event in Berlin.
Today, a list of the countries expected to get the Samsung Galaxy Note III has been leaked. What’s more is that whoever leaked the information clarified the details as to which Galaxy Note III model is destined to each country on the list. Note that the list may be incomplete or inaccurate at this time so don’t worry in case your country or carrier isn’t listed yet.
. Country (Carrier) Product Code
. Afghanistan AFG
. Algeria TMC
. Bangladesh TML
. Bangladesh ETR
. Egypt EGY
. France XEF
. Germany DBT
. Hong Kong TGY
. India INU
. India INS
. Indonesia XSE
. Iran THR
. Iraq MID
. Israel ILO
. Italy ITV
. Kazakhstan SKZ
. Kenya KEN
. Kenya AFR
. Malaysia XME
. Mauritania MRT
. Morocco FWD
. Morocco (MAT) MAT
. Morocco (MED) MED
. Morocco (MWD) MWD
. Nepal NPL
. Nigeria ECT
. Pakistan (PAK) PAK
. Poland XEO
. Russia SER
. Saudi Arabia KSA
. Singapore XSP
. South Africa XFE
. South Africa XFA
. South Africa (Vodafone) XFV
. Sri Lanka SLK
. Taiwan BRI
. Taiwan (WAN) WAN
. Thailand THL
. Tunisia TUN
. Turkey TUR
. Ukraine (Kyivstar) SEK
. United Arab Emirates LYS
. United Arab Emirates XSG
. United Kingdom BTU
. United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse) CPW
. Uzbekistan CAC
. Vietnam XXV
. Vietnam XEV
With that out of the way, we’ll start with the list of countries that are getting a Samsung Galaxy Note III with HSPA+ connectivity (model SM-N900). That model will have a Samsung Exynos 5420 SoC with octa-core CPU, ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU, and 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM.
. Country (carrier) Product Code
. Australia XSA
. Australia (Optus) OPS
. Australia (Telstra) TEL
. Australia (Vodafone) VAU
. Austria (3 Hutchison) DRE
. Austria (A1) MOB
. Baltic SEB
. Belgium / Luxemburg PRO
. Bosnia and Herzegovina TEB
. Bosnia and Herzegovina ERO
. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM) BHT
. Bulgaria GBL
. Bulgaria BGL
. Bulgaria (MTL) MTL
. Bulgaria (VVT) VVT
. Croatia (TELE2) TWO
. Croatia (VIPNET) VIP
. Cyprus CYV
. Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone) CYO
. Czech Republic ETL
. Czech Republic (O2C) O2C
. Czech Republic (Vodafone) VDC
. France XEF
. France (Bouygues) BOG
. France (SFR) SFR
. Germany DBT
. Germany (O2) VIA
. Germany (T-Mobile) DTM
. Germany (Vodafone) VD2
. Greece EUR
. Greece (Cosmote) COS
. Greece (Vodafone) VGR
. Hong Kong TGY
. Hungary XEH
. Hungary (Telenor) PAN
. Hungary (VDH) VDH
. Ireland TSI
. Ireland (Meteor) MET
. Ireland (O2) O2I
. Ireland (Three) 3IE
. Ireland (Vodafone) VDI
. Italy ITV
. Italy (H3G) HUI
. Italy (TIM) TIM
. Italy (Vodafone) OMN
. Italy (Wind) WIN
. Japan DCM
. Luxembourg LUX
. Malaysia XME
. Netherlands PHN
. Netherlands (Vodafone) VDF
. New Zealand TNZ
. New Zealand (Vodafone) VNZ
. New Zeeland NZC
. Nordic countries NEE
. Norway (Telenor) TEN
. Open Austria ATO
. Papua New Guinea PNG
. Philippines XTE
. Philippines (Globe) GLB
. Philippines (Smart) SMA
. Philippines (Sun) XTC
. Poland XEO
. Poland (PLUS) PLS
. Poland (Play) PRT
. Portugal (Optimus) OPT
. Portugal (TMN) TMN
. Portugal (TPH) TPH
. Portugal (Vodafone) TCL
. Romania ROM
. Romania (Vodafone) CNX
. Saudi Arabia KSA
. Serbia (Telekom) TSR
. Serbia (Telenor) MSR
. Serbia (VIP) TOP
. Singapore MM1
. Singapore XSP
. Singapore (SingTel) SIN
. Singapore (StarHub) STH
. Slovakia ORX
. Slovakia XSK
. Slovenia SIO
. Slovenia (Mobitel) MOT
. Slovenia (Si.mobil) SIM
. South Africa (Vodafone) XFV
. South Africa (XFM) XFM
. South East Europe SEE
. Spain PHE
. Spain (Movistar) XEC
. Spain (Vodafone) ATL
. Spain (Yoigo) YOG
. Sweden TLA
. Sweden VDS
. Sweden (Tre) HTS
. Switzerland AUT
. Switzerland (Swisscom) SWC
. United Kingdom BTU
. United Kingdom (H3G) H3G
. United Kingdom (O2) O2U
. United Kingdom (Vodafone) VOD
Above we have the countries getting the Samsung Galaxy Note III with LTE (model SM-N9005). This variant of the device will have a Snapdragon 800 SoC with a quad-core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, Adreno 330 GPU, and 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM.
And finally, there will be a third model of the Samsung Galaxy Note III, available exclusively in China. The SM-N9002 will be a dual-SIM “Duos” Note III version with a Samsung Exynos 5420 SoC, ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU, and 3 GB LPDDR3 RAM.
source: SamMobile

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