LG G2 may launch on Verizon and AT&T in mid-September

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There’s quite a lot we already know about the LG G2 ā€“ the latest flagship Android smartphone from the Korean tech giant. We’re familiar with all the features that make this smartphone stand out, we know how long its battery should last, and we have a general idea as to how much it will cost off-contract. However, what we don’t yet have much information about is when the LG G2 might launch in the US.
But the rumor mill has already kicked in. Word on the street has it that Verizon will start shipping the LG G2 to its customers on September 12. As a side note, the carrier already has a sign-up page, allowing those who are interested in the device to be notified when it is available. However, Verizon has not yet announced any specifics about a possible launch date.
AT&T subscribers may have to wait a day longer as the carrier is expected to launch the LG G2 on September 13, if rumors are to be trusted. Pre-orders for the smartphone are supposedly set to begin on September 3, with a “free folio case” (the LG QuickWindow case, perhaps?) bundled in the set.
The LG G2 will be available via Sprint and T-Mobile as well. Unfortunately, the source of above rumor was unable to provide details about possible launch dates for the smartphone on these carriers.
In the mean time, the LG G2 is already up for pre-order across the pond, while the Korean version of the smartphone has been on sale since earlier this month. Retailers in markets throughout Europe are expected to have the LG G2 in stock before the end of September.
LG G2 price revealed, slightly more expensive than Galaxy S4

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