Samsung Galaxy Note III leaks, shows less rounded edges

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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With the Samsung Galaxy Note III ready to be introduced on Wednesday, a published report on Sunday shows off a photo of the phablet. While this is not the best quality shot, we can still tell that the corners are less rounded than the ones on the Samsung GALAXY Note II While we can’t tell this from the picture taken, or the close-up, the bezels are said to be thinner on the new model.

The Samsung Galaxy Note III is getting birthed into a market with some competition for the phablet from the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and its industry leading 6.4 inch screen. The eagerly awaited HTC One Max takes the popular design of the HTC One and blows it up to phablet size. HTC hasn’t introduced the model yet, but information about the unit has leaked, including word that the phone will contain a fingerprint scanner.

If you can hold on until Wednesday, you will see exactly what Samsung has in mind for its next phablet. Let’s say that this is the actual model. How do those squarer corners make you feel?


Samsung Galaxy Note III
Samsung Galaxy Note III



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