U.S. Cellular Billing System Upgrade Remains Problematic

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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U.S. Cellular has yet to properly rectify problems with its billing system that began earlier this year. In July, the company switched billing systems and immediately ran into trouble. Customers flooded the company with complaints. According to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the issues haven’t been resolved and are leading to double billing, erroneous billing, and other problems for customers. U.S. Cellular’s Facebook page is full of customers lashing out at the company’s inability to properly process billing and payments. In a letter sent to customers, U.S. Cellular said, “We are working to resume normal billing. However, these billing delays may cause you to receive multiple bills in a shorter period of time over the next few months. We have changed your due dates to allow you additional time to pay. We also are working individually with customers to handle account-specific issues.” The company indicated that the issues may not be resolved until November. The problem has prompted Wisconsin consumer protection officials to launch an investigation.


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