Firefox OS 1.1 Adds Push Notifications, MMS and More

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Mozilla today released Firefox OS version 1.1. The newest rendition of its smartphone platform adds a wide range of new features and capabilities. The update enables push notifications in the platform, as well as adds support for MMS, and adaptive app search. The platform received contact management improvements that let users sync their Google and Hotmail contacts in addition to Facebook and SIM card contacts. It is also easier to edit contacts that are already saved on the phone. The phone app now offers suggested contacts when users begin to type phone numbers, and the Firefox browser lets users save images, audio, and video directly to the handset. The email application has been improved with the ability to save drafts offline, download audio and video attachments, as well as send photo attachments. Other functions that have been improved include the music player, calendar, and keyboard. Mozilla said the update will be made available to developers with Firefox OS phones in the near future. Several handset makers, including LG and ZTE, have committed to releasing Firefox-based smartphones.


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