Posted: October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death bug

Usually when one hears “Blue Screen of Death,” their mind jumps to images of Windows-based PCs and error messages. That dreaded blue screen apparently isn’t content to stick to the world of traditional computers, though, as some iPhone 5s users are reporting that they, too, have encountered a blue screen of death.

Several new iPhone 5s owners have taken to the Apple support forums and MacRumors forums to share their stories of blue-screening devices. Most folks appear to be running into the problem while using Apple’s suite of iWork apps, which the company recently began offering to newly-activated iOS 7 hardware free of charge. While an exact cause has yet to be pinned down, it seems that attempting to jump between apps while using an iWork app like Pages or Keynote can trigger a BSoD, which then leads to a device reboot. A video of the bug in action is below.

It may be a bit strange to see a blue screen bug in the smartphone world, but this new issue looks like it could be a bit of a pain for iPhone 5s owners that are trying to edit some documents on the go. While Apple has yet to officially comment on the problem, it’s said that disabling iCloud syncing for Keynote, Numbers and Pages can help users to avoid the bug. The good news is that Apple has managed to push out a couple of iOS 7 updates in the weeks since the iPhone 5s launch, so it’s possible that we could see a fix for these blues sooner rather than later.


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