Verizon Deploying LTE On Its AWS Spectrum

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Verizon Wireless today confirmed reports that it has begun deploying LTE on its AWS spectrum. The company has lit up LTE in the 2100MHz AWS band in portions of New York City, which is spectrum that it acquired from cable companies last year. “As our customers’ wireless data usage continues to grow, AWS spectrum is being deployed to ensure the continued consistent reliability and capacity of our 4G LTE network,” said a Verizon spokesperson to FierceWireless. “Verizon Wireless has begun activating 4G LTE service on its AWS spectrum in many of our major markets across the US. A limited number of devices are AWS capable at this time. We plan to push a software upgrade to other AWS-capable devices in the near future.” The vast bulk of Verizon’s LTE network operates in the 700MHz band. Verizon plans to use the AWS spectrum to supplement its LTE service alongside the 700MHz spectrum. Verizon did not specify which other markets have access to LTE in the AWS band, nor which devices can access the AWS band.


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