BBM for Android and iOS Relaunched

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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BlackBerry announced that it is restarting its aborted launch of BlackBerry Messenger for the Android and iOS platforms. The application should appear in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store later today. In order to manage demand for the app, BlackBerry has established a sign-up process for it. Mobile device users interested in the messaging application will need to download the app and register to reserve a place in line. BlackBerry will then email people who’ve downloaded/installed the app when it can bring them aboard the service. BlackBerry said people will be able to monitor their “spot in line” to see how long it will take to activate the service, but it didn’t provide any sort of estimate on how long that might be. According to BlackBerry, more than 7 million Android/iOS device owners have already registered to receive more details about the app. BlackBerry originally attempted to launch the app last month, but ran into trouble with the rollout and postponed it.


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