T-Mobile announces Un-Carrier plans for tablets, plus iPads at $0 down

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday, T-Mobile teased new tablet data plans and the arrival of the new iPads on its network, and promised to give out the details today on Twitter. Apple almost spoiled the surprise by posting the plans on its website along with the information on the new iPad Air and iPad mini 2. But, the pricing given on Apple’s site was not correct (as we assumed), and there are some specifics that are now clear in the next move of T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier plans.

The big tag line for T-Mobile’s new tablet Un-Carrier plans is really just the standard equipment installment plan with no down-payment on a new tablet, including iPads. Of course, you still need to eventually pay the full retail price for the iPads, but it is better than having to drop a few hundred dollars up front. A new 16GB iPad Air will be $0 down and $26.25 per month for 24 months, which adds up to the standard $630 price for the device. The pricing works the same for the iPad mini and the higher capacity storage options on the iPads. 
The data plans are also getting a reduction in price, starting with T-Mobile offering 200MB of monthly data for free for life, which is very nice if you don’t need too much data. After that, a 500MB monthly plan will cost $10, and each increase of 2GB after that will cost $10. That means 2.5GB for $20, and 4.5GB for $30, and this includes LTE data. This puts T-Mobile’s plans solidly below the competition. For comparison, AT&T offers 3GB of data for $30, Verizon will give you just 2GB for $30, and even Sprint charges $35 for 3GB of data.

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