iPad Air explodes in Vodafone store

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A Vodafone store in Canberra, Australia was evacuated and firefighters were called in after the explosion of an Apple iPad Air inside the store resulted in the release of smoke that filled the retail establishment. According to a spokesman for Vodafone, “A burst of flames” came shooting out of an Apple iPad Air demo model. Firefighters were called in when smoke and sparks continued to come out of the tablet, although no one was hurt. Apple sent out a crew to the store on Wednesday to pick up the tablet so that it could do an autopsy on the slate.

Apple has had a problem with chargers recently, although some of the blame has been placed on third party manufacturers. Back in July, a Chinese flight attendant was allegedly electrocuted when she went to answer a call on her Apple iPhone 5. That seemed to kick off a number of stories about iPhone and iPad users getting shocked by their device. One particularly poignant story revolved around a father who was thrown across the room after getting shocked by his 8 year old daughter’s iPad.

The Cupertino based company put up a website showing information on how to distinguish a third party charger from an official Apple one. And the tech titan also started an exchange program that offered discounted chargers to those who turned in one made by a third party.

This Apple iPad exploded inside a Vodafone store

This Apple iPad exploded inside a Vodafone store


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