Verizon Edge Now Lets Customers Upgrade After 30 Days

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Verizon Wireless recently modified the terms of its Edge plan that should make it more attractive to potential customers. Under the old terms, Edge customers could upgrade to a new device after an initial enrollment period of six months. Under the new terms, Edge customers only have to wait 30 days before making their first device upgrade. Customers will need to pay for 50% of their current phone before upgrading to a new device, however. In order to join Verizon Edge, customers need to be in a month-to-month status with Verizon, have good payment history, and be eligible for an upgrade. Further, they have to pass a new credit check. The 30-day upgrade policy is being called a “promotion” by Verizon Wireless, though no end date has been set.


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